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Monday, April 13th, 2009

Fairmont Hotels Serving Sustainable Seafood

The Calgary Herald has a great article up right now about trying to eat seafood that is being caught and managed in an environmentally responsible manner. The truth about which seafood choices are good for the environment and which are not, is generally left in the hands of the consumer, although as the Herald points out Fairmont hotels and resorts are also doing their bit to make responsible seafood eating possible for their clientele.

How to Choose Sustainable Seafood

The oceans really are a shared resource and every person who eats seafood has a responsibility to make seafood choices that will encourage every commercial fishery to be handled in a responsible and sustainable manner. As a consumer it can be really difficult to know which seafoods are being harvested sustainably and which are not. Thankfully, the folks at have done a lot of research to make the job a lot easier for the rest of us. They have done a significant amount of work ranking most, if not all, of the Canadian seafood choices using the acclaimed science-based methodology developed by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program. Not only have they done the work of ranking seafood choices in Canada, they have also distilled this work down into a wallet size format, so that you can legitimately make shopping and eating choices based on their recommendations.

Sustainable – Pacific Spot Prawns

Obviously, we’re excited that Trap Caught Pacific Spot Prawns are part of the list. But even more than that, we’re excited that the power to make sustainable seafood choices is readily available AND large chains like the Fairmont are starting to stand up and make sure that they are practicing good stewardship of the seafood that they choose to serve. We’re hoping that many other restaurants, resorts and hotels move towards favouring or exclusively providing seafood that is Western union locations sustainable. The vitality and diversity of our oceans is a precious and worth protecting. If you’re an avid seafood connoisseur, please focus your culinary endeavours on sustainable seafood!